HSE Bike Racks

Using HSE Bike Racks

Taking Your Bike on a Health Sciences Express All Health Sciences Express buses are now equipped with two-position bike racks. What kinds of bicycles can I put on the Health Sciences bike rack? Allowed: Conventional, single seat, two wheeled bikes. Both wheels must fit into the bike rack wheel slots, and the support arm/hook must fit over the top of the bike wheel. Health Sciences Express bicycle racks accommodate tire sizes from 20” – 29”, up to a 44” wheelbase, and tire widths up to 2.35”. The weight limit on the bus bike racks is 55 pounds per loadable position. Not allowed: Tandem, recumbent, three-wheel, solid-wheel, and gas-powered bikes. UW Shuttles doesn’t permit bicycles inside any of its vehicles. Safety tips To ensure a safe commute, please: 1. Verbally communicate to the driver that you will be loading your bike before using the bicycle rack. 2. Always load your bicycle from the curb side of the bus. 3. Sit near the front of the bus and watch your bike. UW Shuttles is not responsible for stolen bikes. 4. Alert the driver before taking your bike off the rack. How to safely use the Health Sciences Express bike racks Loading 1. As the Health Sciences Express approaches, have your bicycle ready. 2. Talk to the driver before stepping in front of the bus with your bike. Make sure the driver acknowledges your desire to load your bicycle. 3. Remove any bicycle accessories, including panniers that could fall off or prevent safe operation of the bus. 4. Squeeze the rack handle upwards to release the folded bike rack. 5. Lift your bike onto the rack, fitting the wheels into the slots. Each slot is labeled for front and rear wheels. Please load your bike into the outside slot first, if vacant. 6. Pull out and raise the support arm over the top of the front wheel. Make sure the support arm is resting on the tire or fender and is placed as close as possible to the bicycle’s frame.

  1. Be sure to sit near the front of the bus and keep an eye on your bike. Unloading
  2. Raise the support arm off the tire. Move the support arm down and out of your way.
  3. Lift your bike out of the rack.
  4. If there isn’t another bike in the rack, return the bike rack to the folded position. Reach underneath the rack to grab the handle. Squeeze and raise. If you forget to retrieve your bike, or the driver pulls away before you’ve unloaded it, please call UW Shuttles at 206.685.3146

UW Shuttles would like to thank King County METRO for providing bicycle rack information for this page.