The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Van Operator Requirements Continued

Van Operator Training

  1. Van definition: 12 passenger, cargo and carry all vans.
  2. Operators must meet Basic Driving Safety Requirements Training (Per Previous Page)
  3. If the operator turns over the van to another authorized driver, the operator must ensure that the second party has completed the Fleet Services Van Operator Training and must visually check the second party's drivers license.
  4. Operators must be aware that transportation of non-college enrolled high school and younger children in 12-passenger full size vans or specialty vehicles not meeting state and federal school bus standards is prohibited. Non-college enrolled high school and younger children may be transported in mini-vans or sedans, compacts, 4x4 vehicles, trucks and cargo vans
  5. Van operators are to be aware of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 15-Passenger Van Safety web page to include review of NHTSA’s consumer advisory “rollover warning to users of 15-passenger vans.”
  6. Van operators are required to review of information on the NHTSA Hangtag and Flyer for 15-passenger vans.  In Fleet Services and U-CAR vehicles, the hang tags will be hanging on the rearview mirror and the flyer is located on the outside of the vehicle packet which is located in the glove box of each van.  For assigned vehicles and outside rentals, please print a copy of the hang tag and flyer to take with you on your rental.
  1. Van operators are required to review the 15-Passenger Van Drivers Basic Loss Prevention Guide,
  2. Van operators are recommended to review the Fleet Services Safety Resource link below


Reading the above information completes the online portion of the training. If you have already read and signed the two required forms you can now complete the on-line driver training acknowledgement. Visit the Fleet Services Van Operator Training page for instructions on completing Fleet Services' on line training acknowledgement.