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Van Operator Requirements

Van definition: 12 passenger, cargo and carry all vans.

The Office of Financial Management has enlisted a set of safety training requirements for operators of 12 passenger, cargo and carry all vans. Effective July 1st 2007, Fleet Services will require that all van operators meet the OFM Van Operator Safety Requirements prior to releasing these vans to the operators. The training includes reviewing an online training page, printing and reviewing two required forms and verifying completion on line:

Two Required Van Forms: Take the signed and completed OFM Van Training Forms to your supervisor/administrator:

Required Reading/ On Line Training :

Basic Driving Safety Requirements Training:
At the initial driving assignment and prior to vehicle operation, agency managers/supervisors/administrator must verify the following:

  1. The operator must  complete Fleet Services Basic Driver Training
  2. The operator must also review OFM Section 12.60 Van Management and complete Fleet Services Van Operator training if the operator is assigned to drive a 12-passenger, cargo or carry all van.
  3. If the operator turns over the vehicle to another authorized driver, the operator must ensure that the second party meets the Basic Driving Safety Requirments and must visually check the second party's driver’s license.