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Driving Safety Requirements for Specified Drivers


 Requirements of the driving safety program for specified drivers apply only to state drivers who (1) are state employees, (2) operate state vehicles, and (3) meet the high mileage driving OR frequent alleged state driver error accidents criteria described below.

  High mileage driving- Operates state vehicles 1,000 or more miles per month at least six months out of the year (need  not be consecutive), regardless if the mileage is generated by local or long distance driving.


  Frequent alleged state driver error accidents- Is involved in either, or both, of the following alleged state driver error outcomes, regardless of miles traveled or law enforcement actions taken.

Two alleged state driver error accidents involving state or third party vehicle/property damage (other than damaged windshields) within a 24-month period.
One or more alleged state driver error accidents resulting in injuries to the state driver, passenger(s), or third party within a 24-month period.

In compliance with the State of Washington Office of Financial Management, supervisors of  drivers who meet the specified  driver  criteria, must ensure their drivers complete the following:


1. Reviews the OFM Chapter 12 Transportation policies that includes at a minimum    

     a. Section 12:20: Agency motor vehicle management

     b. Subsection 12.30.20: Safe driver requirements related to driving a state


     c. Subsection 12.30.40: Accident reporting

     d. Section 12.40.20: Insurance coverage and requirements


2. Completes Fleet Services Basic Driver Training.


3. Completes the online defensive driver course which will be provided to the driver in the form of an on line training module provide by CEI Driver Care.