The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Parking Personal and Outside Agency Vehicles

Personally Owned Vehicles: A personally owned vehicle may be parked at the Fleet Services while renting a University vehicle, for a maximum of seven days. The personally owned vehicle may be parked in the E2 parking lot or in stalls 20-40 along the Burke Gilman. The parking permit will be issued with the rental agreement at the time the vehicle is checked out. Tear the “Fleet Services Parking Permit” portion off the Rental Agreement and place on the dashboard of your personal vehicle.

Parking Personally Owned Vehicles During a UCAR Rental: The UCAR confirmation email, which has the UCAR reservation information, includes a University of Washington parking permit for UCAR member to park a personal vehicle in a UCAR stall for the duration of their UCAR rental.The permit will be located in the lower portion of your email and should print on a separate page for you convenience. Permit may only be used in the lot from which the member is picking up their UCAR.If a personal vehicle with a UCAR permit is parked in a UCAR stall after the reservation time has ended , the personal vehicle may be ticketed or towed.

Outside Agency Vehicles:Outside Agency vehicle rentals arranged through Fleet Services may be parked on campus with a valid parking permit. A one day parking permit, which is valid until 7:30am the following morning, may be obtained from the parking gatehouse free of charge. To park an Outside Agency rental vehicle for longer than one day, you will need to pick up a long term parking permit from the Parking Services Office . Long term permits are not issued by parking gatehouse personnel. A rental agreement from the outside rental agency is needed to receive the parking permit.*

*Note: Parking location designations will be determined by Parking Services.