The University of Washington: Facilities Services


State vehicle drivers have a responsibility to their passengers, to the University of Washington, and to the general public with whom they share the road.

This manual is intended to provide you with the information you need to operate this vehicle properly and safely.

As an operator, the State of Washington requires that you:

1. Become familiar with the policies, procedures, and expectations described in this manual

2. Become familiar with your rental vehicle, consult the operator’s manual and all vehicle related information located in the vehicle’s glove box.

Operator’s of state-owned vehicles are continually under the scrutiny of the public and are vulnerable to criticism.University vehicles are considered “high-profile” vehicles and operators must adhere to all traffic laws and regulations at all times.

Operators are responsible for abiding by the:

OFM Chapter 12.30: ‘State Motor Vehicle Driver Requirements’

University of Washington Administrative Policy Statement: 53.2

In addition to these guidelines, departments may have internal policies regarding the use of Fleet Services vehicles and should be consulted prior to your trip.