The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Fees and Penalties

The vehicle operator is personally responsible for the following fees and penalties:

  • Traffic or parking infractions, including penalties for late payments
  • Impound fees
  • Out-of-pocket charges for service calls due to operator negligence (e.g. delivery of fuel, retrieval of keys from locked vehicles, etc.)
  • GPS charges on outside rentals. Clients are required to pay for this personally or on a discretionary budget

The renting department/operator is responsible for the following fees and penalties:

  • Rental charges are assessed by booked reservation request start and end times. Contact Fleet Services to report an early vehicle return to reduce booked reservation charges. Fleet Services will end the booked reservation at the time reported.
    Rental charges will not be assessed for reservation cancellations made before the start of a booked reservation. Reservation booked charges will be assessed in full for no show rentals
  • Parking fees
  • Ferry and bridge tolls
  • Replacement fees for vehicle chains, ice scrapers, owners manuals, etc.
  • Vehicle damage resulting from negligence and/or unauthorized off-road use of a non-4x4 vehicle
  • Damage incurred to University property resulting from a vehicle collision
  • Cleaning services for unusually dirty vehicles-“Extra Dirty” Fees to detail vehicles due to interior spills, smells (cigarettes), etc.
  • $ 20.00 replacement fee for lost or stolen credit cards
  • $ 20.00 administrative fee plus replacement costs for lost keys, in some cases a higher fine may be assessed to replace certain types of vehicle keys (e.g. keyless entry devices)
  • Additional costs resulting from the misuse of a gas credit card will be charged to the renting department and reported to the department head and Internal Audit for possible disciplinary action. Operators will be held personally responsible for charges resulting from misuse.