The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Credit Card Use and Misuse

The Comdata Credit Card is accepted at most major fuel stations across the United States and Canada that accept Mastercard.

Credit cards may be used to purchase the following:
Regular unleaded fuel
Diesel fuel
Emergency service
Necessary vehicle accessories such as windshield wiper blades

Misuse of a gas credit card includes, but is not limited to the purchase of:
Food or drinks
Transactions coded as miscellaneous
Full service
Premium or Super unleaded fuel Fuel additives

Fleet Services will charge departments for misuse of credit cards. Drivers are responsible for repayment of these costs to the department.

Authorization Codes The Comdata credit card requires a PIN or Driver ID number. Each Vehicle has a Comdata pamphlet in the glove box that covers card use and PIN information. If you pick up a Comdata card for an outside agency rental refueling credit card use will be explained at pickup.

Odometer Reading When prompted, enter the current vehicle mileage (not the trip meter reading)

Fuel Receipts: All receipts for fuel purchase should be given to Fleet Services either in person or via campus mail Box 354270

Comdata brochures are available in the vehicle packets located in the glove box of all vehicles and are also available in the Fleet Services rental office

* Outside agency rentals may only use the Comdata Cards for fuel.