The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Collisions and Vehicle Damage

University of Washington Fleet Services has teamed up with CEI to manage accident reporting for Fleet Services vehicles. The CEI accident report form replaces the current SF 137 accident report. The new accident reports will be located in the glove box of all University vehicles. If you have an old SF 137 version accident report, visit the Fleet Services Rental Office or Shop to get a copy of the new CEI accident report.
In case of a collision or accident:

Stop immediately.

Take required precautions to prevent further collisions/accidents.

Provide the other parties involved in the accident theUW Liability Insurance ID Card located in the glove box.

If there is an injury or damage call 911 and CEI at 1-877-443-5777.

Contact CEI at 1-877-443-5777 to report an incident. Identify yourself as a University of Washington employee.

Fill out CEI accident report. Have your manager sign report and forward report to Fleet Services within 24 hours of incident.

If necessary, CEI will tow the vehicle back to Fleet Services or a different repair shop if the vehicle is outside of the Seattle area.

If necessary, CEI will provide a rental vehicle if the driver is away from the University of Washington campus or the accident takes place after Fleet Services office hours.

At your earliest opportunity call or email Fleet Services and provide your contact information, brief summary of the incident and if you will need further assistance from Fleet Services.

In case of a physical injury or near miss: Please submit an Accident/Incident Report to the Environmental Health and Safety Department. This form is located at the following link on the Online Accident Reporting System (OARS):


In case of minor damage, or if no other vehicles are involved:

Contact CEI to report incident at 1-877-443-5777. Identify yourself as a University of Washington Employee.

Fill out a CEI accident report. Have your supervisor and manager sign report and forward it to Fleet Services within 24 hours of incident.

Bring the vehicle to Fleet Services for a damage assessment.

In case of damage or vandalism: Any damage or vandalism to a vehicle must be reported to Fleet Services even if a driver is not present at the time of damage. A CEI accident report must be filled out per requirements stated above.

State of Washington Motor Vehicle Collision Report, form 3000-345-161 (9/00) State law requires this form be filled out IN ADDITION TO the CEI accident report IF damage exceeds $700 to any one person's property, there is an injury or death, and the accident was not investigated by a law enforcment officer. Send the completed collision report to the agencies listed at the top of the form. These forms are available online or from the Fleet Services rental office.

Online State of Washington Vehicle Collision Report