The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Van Operator Training F.A.Q's


  • Is this requirement still needed for vans rented from an outside rental (e.g. Enterprise?) or state owned non-Fleet Services vehicles. 
    1. Yes.  OFM requires van training for all state employees driving full size cargo, and carry all (5 passenger cargo) vans while on state business. 
  • What if the driver or supervisor does not have a UW NET ID?
    1 Drivers and supervisors are required to have a UW NET ID
    2 Sponsor a UW NetID
  • What if I’m not the driver’s supervisor? 
    1. Contact the Fleet Services office at 206-221-3594.
  • What if the driver changes supervisor?
    1. The new supervisor just logs on to the Fleet Services' online user system. Enter the "Driver Maintenance" option.
    2. Add the driver as a "New Driver" and all the drivers info is transferred to the supervisor.
  • What if the driver or supervisor does not have access to a computer to complete the on-line training? 
    1. Print out the driver training forms in PDF format. 
    2. The supervisor is authorized to complete the on-line acknowledgment for the driver.
  • What is the criteria for a supervisor/administrator?
    1. If you don't have a supervisor and/or an administrator, the person who manages your personnel file would be
      authorized. Please refer to your Human Resources division within your department. Per OFM guidelines, the
      Valid License to Drive and Driving Experience Statement form requires two separate signatures.
  • What if there is more than one driver to a vehicle?
    1. Daily vehicle rentals:  The approved van driver is responsible for ensuring all drivers complete van training
    2. Assigned department vehicle rentals:  The supervisor/administrator is responsible for ensuring all drivers complete van training
  • What if Fleet Services does not have the on-line driver or supervisor acknowledgment completed upon van pick up? 
    1. The driver will be required to complete the training prior to receiving the van.

  • How do I submit an outside agency (e.g. Enterprise) rental request for a full size cargo, and carry all (5 passenger cargo) vans
    for a driver not affiliated with the UW?
    1. The person making the reservation should use their own UW NETID as the driver and ensure that all drivers complete
      the on-line van training requirements prior to van pick up.
  • What are the benefits of the on-line van training system?
    1. With an electronic record of the completed driver training, Fleet Services will authorize approved drivers to
      pick up and drive these vans. Drivers who do not complete the on-line training will be required to present a
      copy of the required training forms upon each pick up.
    2. Once the on-line training is complete, the system will send auto email notification to the driver and
      supervisor upon training expiration.
  • Do we have to rent vans from the Fleet Services in order to use the on-line van training?
    1. No. New members however, are required to agree to Fleet Services policies
  • How often do I need to renew my van training?
    1. Van training renewal must be completed every two years