The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Fleet Services Fees

These fees are designed specifically to reduce our general overhead costs and only apply the costs to clients who are provided specific services. There will be no net increase in cost of services provided.

Add on equipment (e.g. canopies, shelving, racks, light bars, tool boxes, etc.)
Each department is required to pay for special equipment and installation costs. Partitions for cargo vans will continue to be provided as standard equipment at no charge to the client. As per current policy any equipment or accessories a department wishes to install must be approved by Fleet Services prior to installation. Costs of removing equipment and restoring vehicle to original condition will be incurred by the department.

Lift gates, equipment and accessories
The cost of repairing damaged lift gates, as well as all other added equipment and accessories will be incurred by the department.

Rental Fees
Booked Time: Rental charges are assessed by booked reservation request start and end times. Contact Fleet Services to report an early vehicle return to reduce booked reservation charges. Fleet Services will end the booked reservation at the time reported.
Rental charges will not be assessed for reservation cancellations made before the start of a booked reservation. Reservation booked charges will be assessed in full for no show rentals

Late Return Resulting in Alternative Transportation: If a rental vehicle is returned late and Fleet Services is not notified in advance, a fee will be charged to cover the cost of alternative transportation to the next renter. The fee will cover any additional costs (difference between Fleet Services rental rate and Enterprise, taxi, or other alternative mode of transportation.) A late fee will not be charged if Fleet Services is contacted in advance and can coordinate other arrangements at no additional costs.

Service No Show Fee: If a vehicle is scheduled to be serviced and the department does not bring the vehicle for the appointment or alert the rental office there will be a charge of $6.62 to the department. The fee will be implemented the morning after the missed appointment and will show up at the end of the months billing cycle.

Lost keys Fee: If keys are lost, the fee will vary based on several factors. Lost credit card fee is $20.00. Key replacement to include keyless remote is based on part replacement cost and can range from $10.00 to $60.00 depending on model and year of vehicle. Key fob (stainless steel plate with vehicle ID and credit card holder apparatus) is $25.00 for manufacture.

Fees in place prior to July 1, 2006

  • Parking fees
  • Traffic or parking fines, including penalties for late payments
  • Ferry and bridge tolls
  • Storage fees
  • Vehicle modifications (available only to permanently assigned vehicles)
  • Vehicle damage resulting from negligence and/or off-road use
  • Vehicle damage resulting from the off-road use of a non-4x4 vehicle
  • Property damage incurred as the result of a vehicle collision
  • Cleaning services for unusually dirty vehicles - "Extra Dirty"
  • Fueling charges for vehicles rented through a "non-subsidized" commercial rental agency
  • Refueling charges from a commercial rental agency
  • Unleaded Plus or Supreme fuel purchase