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Get the Training you Need to Drive a Full Size Passenger Van

Full size passenger van training update

All training sessions have been cancelled. Please contact the Fleet Services Rental Office at (206) 221-3202 if you have any questions.

At Fleet Services, we want all of our drivers to have the skills they need to be safe out on the road.

All employees and students planning to get behind the wheel of a UW Fleet Services full size passenger van (12-passenger, cargo vans, and carryalls) must take the Hands-On, Van Driver Training Course that we’re providing at no cost to you or your UW department. Upon completion, drivers will receive a Full Size Passenger Van Driver Certification that, along with a driver license valid in Washington State, will be required to drive any University full size passenger van. This safety program provides drivers with the necessary certification and skills to drive these vans. Customers driving 7-passenger minivans, SUVs or cargo vans aren't required to complete this training.

If you are a regular full size passenger van driver or plan to drive one of these vehicles in the near future, please contact Fleet Services to arrange your training session. Priority will be given to drivers with a current reservation for a full size passenger van rental. The four-hour long classes are conducted by the UW Police Department and include two hours of behind the wheel training.

For more information please contact the Fleet Services Rental Office at (206) 221-3202.