The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Envirostars 5 Star Rating


At the Vehicle Maintenance Management Conference (VMMC) on March 22, 2004, David Carr, Manager of Motor Pool Operations, was presented with Motor Pool Operation's "5th Star" from the King County EnviroStars
program. Motor Pool Operations received a 4-Star rating in 2003 for it's efforts to properly manage and reduce hazardous waste. At that time, we set a goal to receive our 5th and final star in 2004 and we have achieved this goal! This is the highest rating available from the program and establishes our department as environmentally responsible and proactive.

In order to receive our 5th star, we had to develop a routine solid waste recycling program and demonstrate
proactive environmental leadership

The Motor Pool team is very proud and honored by this recognition. For more information about the King County EnviroStars program, please visit their website.