About Us

Fleet Services provides vehicle services in support of the University of Washington. We achieve our mission through exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, entrepreneurial spirit, and sustainable business practices. Vehicle mileage and rental rates are adjusted annually to reflect the cost of operations, new vehicle acquisition, and vehicle maintenance. Fleet Services is a leader in the purchase of alternative fuel vehicles. Our 2015 fleet will consist of 698 vehicles including 254 ethanol flex-fuel capable vehicles, 120 hybrid vehicles (103 gasoline-electric and 17 plug-in electric), 5 diesel-electric hybrid step-vans, and 24 all-electric vehicles. Fifty-eight of our vehicles currently fuel with B20 biodiesel and 254 will soon fuel with E85 - spearheading our efforts to further reduce our carbon footprint and increase our sustainability.

We are a self-sustaining organization and rental rates are set at a level that recovers only the cost of doing business. Our goals include continuous customer service and operational excellence that improves accountability, competitiveness, produces cost savings and achieves environmentally sustainable results.

Fleet Service’s efforts in Sustainability

Find out the different ways in which Fleet Services is working toward a more sustainable future.
- Fleet Services in Government Fleet Magazine for our Green Fleet Initiative.
- Facilities Services: Focus on Environmental Sustainability is a practical overview of Environmental sterwardship at the University of Washington.