The University of Washington: Facilities Services


Daily, visitor, and arranged parking at the UW Tower

The Pay-by-space system in the UW Tower garage allows several options for providing parking for visitors and events.

Obtain a Code from Special Events

You may contact Special Events Parking and obtain a code to pass along to your visitors. Visitors can then park, note the number of the stall they park in, then enter the payment code when prompted for a ‘coupon code’ at a kiosk. Kiosks are located at the Skybridge and at the garage entrance at 12th Avenue. Charges for arranged parking using a kiosk are $6 for up to 2 hours and a maximum of $15 for the whole day.

Reserve spaces through Special Events

Another option is for a department to reserve spaces through Special Events Parking and obtain an event password. Guests can drive to any campus gatehouse and provide the password and the Parking Specialist at the gatehouse will direct them to the parking spaces previously reserved. The cost for parking reserved in this way is $15 per space.

Pre-purchase DCTs

A third option is to pre-purchase Departmental Commuter Tickets (DCT’s) and provide them to guests. DCTs are $15 apiece, they are not dated, and they have no expiration date. Departments can mail DCTs to guests prior to their visit making parking as simple as displaying the card in their vehicle once they arrive.