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What is UWalk?

What is UWalk?

Think about why you walk, who you walk with, and when you walk. What would motivate you to walk more?

UWalk makes you a part of a vibrant and varied community that walks for some of the same reasons you do. It is a virtual space where UW students, faculty and staff can join walking groups, participate in events and group activities, keep track of their progress, and connect with a larger community of walkers across campus through sharing stories and photos.

UWalk participants join the walking groups that match their style. Each group focuses on a particular motivation for walking—for health, the environment, or just plain fun—and members measure progress by counting and logging their efforts on the UWalk Web site. You can change the groups you belong to at any time.

Commute group - counts the number of trips walked between home and campus each day. These are one-way trips made exclusively by foot.

Health group - count the number of steps taken each day using a pedometer to track steps taken.

Lunch & Social group - counts the number of minutes spent walking for recreation each day.

Meetings, Classes & Errands group - counts the number of minutes spent walking to and from meetings and classes, and running errands each day.

Participants can walk together or walk alone, because UWalk groups meet up online. UWalk events and activities will be held throughout the year to help build the community and celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Visit UWalk often to post your walking stories, upload photos, keep up with the latest information on upcoming UWalk events, and connect with other walkers. You can also check a box to receive reminders to log your walks.

Connect to UWalk happenings via our Facebook events page.