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"As a result of ten years with a U-PASS, I became accustomed to taking mass transit every day. As an alumnus, I now take the bus or walk to work each day, even though I no longer have a U-PASS."
- Erin Lennon, Seattle attorney, UW Alumnus 2002, 2008, and former employee

Almost 81% of the campus population - about 55,000 people - commute to campus using transportation that’s greener than driving alone. If students, staff, and faculty continued to drive alone to campus at the rates they did before the introduction of the U-PASS program, more than 22,560 people would be attempting to park on campus and in the surrounding neighborhoods each day. Today only 19% of UW commuters - 13,000 people - drive alone.

"There are only a handful of institutions in the US that have the breadth of program and documented success in managing travel demand that has been achieved at the University of Washington through its U-PASS program."
- Peter Valk, President, Transportation Management Services

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