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Ending U-PASS Membership (Faculty/Staff)

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How can I return my U-PASS?

If you leave UW employment, your U-PASS will be turned off after two missed payroll deductions. You will be fiscally responsible for the cost of your U-PASS until it is deactivated.

If you no longer want your U-PASS, visit Commuter Services to deactivate your U-PASS and stop payroll deductions. Once you deactivate your U-PASS, you can reactivate it at any time, but will need to visit Commuter Services to do so.

Will my U-PASS be deactivated if I miss a payroll deduction?

If you pay your U-PASS fees through payroll deduction and have insufficient funds to pay that fee for two consecutive payroll deductions, your U-PASS will be deactivated. You will need to bring your account out of arrears before your U-PASS can be reactivated.

Faculty and staff on nine month contract can keep their U-PASS active during the summer quarter.

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