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Security Measures Associated with the U-PASS Powered by ORCA

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Can I receive a Husky Card without a smart chip or can my smart chip be disabled if I am not a U-PASS participant?

No. The University endorses the use of RFID smart chips on campus and inclusion of RFID smart chips within the Husky Card.

The University is unable to disable the smart chip or issue Husky Cards without the smart chip.

What personal information is stored on the smart chip?

No personal information or UW data is stored on the smart chip. Data on the smart chip indicates if you have an active U-PASS powered by ORCA or not, and to process transit transactions.

Can someone else easily read the smart chip in my card?

The smart chip is a passive, short range RFID chip that can only be read at short distances. For more information about what can be read from the chip, click here to view the ORCA Privacy Statement.

Where is my travel data stored?

Travel data is stored in the ORCA databases controlled by the transit agencies. This data is used for billing purposes and does not include personally identifiable information. Information about your most recent transit trips is also included on the smart chip in order to support transfer functions and fare apportionment amongst participating transit agencies. For more information, click here to view the ORCA Privacy Statement.

Will UW be tracking where I use my U-PASS?

No. Commuter Services will be the only office with information on who has a valid U-PASS and will keep this information private in accordance with the UW privacy policy, UW Electronic Information Privacy Policy on Personally Identifiable Information. Commuter Services does not have access to your personally identifiable travel data.

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