The University of Washington: Facilities Services





Type of U-PASS Term Rate
Student universal program Quarter $76.00
Student purchased Calendar Quarter $132.00
Faculty/Staff Calendar Quarter $132.00
  • Students who are eligible for the universal U-PASS program pay their U-PASS fee to Student Fiscal Services when paying quarterly tuition & fees.
  • Student not eligible for the universal U-PASS program may purchase U-PASS membership
  • Temporary/hourly employees purchase a UW TEMP PASS (formerly called FlexPass), rather than a U-PASS. (same cost as faculty/staff U-PASS, similar benefits)

U-PASS Fees for Students Who Withdraw From Classes

U-PASS membership will be deactivated when a student withdraws from classes. Some students may be eligible for a credit of all or part of the U-PASS fee.

If you withdraw Percent of your U-PASS fee that will be credited to you
1st-7th calendar day of quarter 100 percent
8th-30th calendar day of quarter 50 percent
31st calendar day of quarter and later no credit will be given

U-PASS Replacement

There is no replacement fee for U-PASS powered by ORCA , however, you may pay a replacement fee of $20 for your Husky Card at the Husky Card Account & ID Center.