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Emergency Ride Home

Emergency Ride Home

Unfortunately, emergencies—a personal illness, a family emergency or an unexpected need to work late—sometimes happen. The thought of being without your car at work, should an emergency arise, need not make you nervous. With the Emergency Ride Home program, there’s no need to purchase a parking permit “just in case.”

Faculty and staff who have a U-PASS, when you have not driven to campus and an emergency arises and you need to leave campus to return to your home, daycare or Park & Ride lot, you can use the Emergency Ride Home program. We will reimburse you for 90 percent of the meter fare for your taxi ride (does not include tip) up to 50 miles per quarter.

How to use the Emergency Ride Home Program

  1. Call any taxi company (town car and limousine services are not eligible).
  2. Request a taxi receipt that indicates the pick-up, drop-off point and the fare paid, not including tip.
  3. Submit the receipt, along with reason for the taxi ride, to Commuter Services, Box 355360, ATTN: Emergency Ride Home.
  4. Include your name, phone number, and the box number to which you would like the reimbursement sent. Please submit receipts within the current quarter. We are unable to reimburse receipts that are more than three months old. We cannot reimburse for limousine or luxury car service.

What is an Emergency?

An emergency is an unanticipated event that arises while you are at your worksite that requires you to return to your home, Park & Ride or child’s daycare. If your normal transportation is not available, you may use the Emergency Ride Home program.

Here are some examples of emergencies:

  • personal illness
  • illness of your child or dependent
  • family emergency
  • unanticipated need to work late when transit is unavailable or runs infrequently

Here are some examples of situations not considered emergencies:

  • travel from work to a scheduled appointment. (scheduled event; destination is not your home, Park & Ride, or daycare)
  • travel to pick up your car at the auto repair shop. (scheduled event; non-emergency nature)
  • use of the program on a routine basis for commuting to a location with regular bus service when you have to work late. (non-emergency nature)
  • travel from a non-worksite location to your home or day care because of an emergency situation (trip must be from worksite to home or day care)

Important note: The Emergency Ride Home program is available only to faculty and staff with U-PASSes. Harborview, UW Bothell and UW Tacoma have fiscally-separate U-PASS programs with a Guaranteed Ride Home benefit that is similar, but not identical to UW Seattleā€™s Emergency Ride Home program. Please contact the applicable program if you are a Harborview or branch campus employee: Harborview 206.744.3254; UW Bothell 425.352.3640; UW Tacoma 253.692.4669.