The University of Washington: Facilities Services

S1 Improvement Project

Finishing touches

August 16, 2013

Striping, column marking and wall painting continues.

Bottom level is nearing completion

July 24, 2013

We began pouring asphalt on Tuesday, and lower S1 is really coming together nicely! Here you can find a few before-and-after pictures of the work.

Coming Soon: Hot new asphalt

July 17, 2013

Beginning the week of July 22 we will begin pouring new asphalt on the bottom level of the S1 garage. This change will result in more construction activity around the garage. Here’s some more information about what you can expect during our asphalt pours:

  • We’re working with UW Capital Projects and our selected contractors to control the smells. We’ll be using both fans and water – water will help control dust particles, and fans will help to keep the smell contained to our work area in the S1 garage. These measures will also help to make a safer work environment for our contractor. Most of the asphalt pouring will take place at night.

  • We’re protecting many air intakes in the surrounding area to prevent these smells from getting into your workplace.

  • Despite our precautions, you still may smell us pouring asphalt for a day or two beginning next week, July 22. These smells will be similar to any regular road repaving project and will only be temporary.

    We are doing our best to keep the smells, sights and sounds away from you, and appreciate your understanding during the S1 improvement project.

    Your questions, our answers

    July 16, 2013

    Our Sales & Administration team has been fielding a number of your questions via email and phone. Here’s a few of their commonly asked questions:

  • Q: Where have all of the S1 lower motorcycle parking spaces gone?
  • A: While S1 lower is closed, you can find temporary motorcycle parking on S1 mid, near columns M34 through M36. There’s also a number of other motorcycle parking stalls located around the S1 garage. We know they’ve been filling - if you arrive to find them full, please park at a nearby motorcycle parking location (you can find more on our motorcycle parking area map).

    temporary motorcycle parking on S1-mid

  • Q: Where can I find disability parking in S1?
  • A: S1 has a lot of disability parking, being so close to the medical center and all. While the entire lower level is closed, we’ve added some additional disability parking on the middle level. Today you’ll notice about 20 extra signs on traffic delineators identifying these ADA stalls - these went up late last night.

  • Q: When is all of this going to end?!
  • A: We’re working with our contractor as fast as we can so that we don’t take up the garage for any more time than we need to. That being said, our target end date is August 23, 2013 - we’ll keep you posted both here and via email if that target date changes for whatever reason.

    We’re a fan of S1 improvements

    July 15, 2013

    These fans will help with air ventilation and dust while our contractor is tearing up the asphalt on the lower level of S1.

    Our apologies for the fantastic puns.

    S1 bottom is closed

    July 15, 2013

    Did you come to S1 this morning only to find signs and barricades blocking off the lowest level of S1? Unless you chose one of our suggested parking options during construction, that’s probably the case. Today we have electricians looking at wiring and contractors looking at materials and how we’re going to tear up all of this uneven asphalt. Wondering what it looks like with an entire level empty? Check out our photos:

    Signs and a barricade block the entrance to S1 lower S1 mid and upper are full, but the lower lot is closed S1 lower is closed for construction S1 lower is closed for construction S1 mid and upper are full with the lower level closed Some cars are circling for spots, but the mid and upper levels are full The S1 bike house is also closed during construction

    Noises, sights, sounds and smells

    July 11, 2013

    On July 15 we will begin tearing up the bottom level of the S1 garage and resurfacing it with new asphalt. This change, easily the most drastic of this summer’s improvement project, will result in more construction activity around the garage.

    Wondering what to expect?

  • The entire bottom level of S1 will be closed to vehicles, bicycles and all members of the public during this time.
  • You may hear some loud noises - that’s grinding and removal of old asphalt
  • You may hear other loud noises - likely from heavy machinery and trucks helping with this work
  • You may notice more dust in the area - the contractor will help to control dust levels during this construction work
  • You may hear humming - that’s from the ventilation fans (although we don’t mind if construction workers hum some tunes while they work!)
  • You may smell something a little iffy - that’s from the smell of fresh asphalt, mmmmm.

    We once again want to thank you for your patience during this improvement project. We don’t like noises, smells and dust either, and understand that they can be disruptive, but these improvements are much needed in S1 and we’re working with our contractor to complete this work as quickly as we can.

    If you have any questions or comments about the work, feel free to contact Transportation Services (see the “Contact Us” page on the left ←)

    Directions to S1’s overflow lot - E12

    July 10, 2013

    Arriving to S1 only to find it completely full? Trying to plan out your route for next week when the entire bottom level is closed? Check out our route map from S1 to its designated overflow lot, E12. The route’s just one mile in your car, or about five minutes of extra drive time and then a short walk to the medical center.

    View Larger Map

    Not a maps person? It’s okay - follow our easy instructions:

    • Drive out from S1 towards 15th Ave. NE (west)
    • Turn right onto NE Pacific Street
    • At second light, turn left onto NE Pacific Place, as if you were driving to the Triangle Garage
    • At the light, turn right onto Montlake Blvd. NE and immediately get into the left-most lane
    • At the light, turn left at the intersection with NE Pacific Street, that left will take you onto a street running past all of the light rail construction
    • Follow the road as it turns to the right
    • Take a left onto the road that will lead you to…
    • The E12 parking lot is tucked between the light rail construction, Husky Stadium and the Waterfront Activities Center. It’s a big lot that stretches all the way east to the water.

    S1 needs a fresh coat of paint!

    July 8, 2013

    As you might’ve noticed, some of the paint is wearing off in various places in the S1 garage. Below you can find some examples of current places where the lines are missing. We’ll update this page with photos of our new paint job as soon as it’s completed.

    crosswalk with faded paintparking stall with no clear lineshandicap stall with barely visible paint

    Motorists: S1 Improvement Project begins June 29, 2013

    June 28, 2013

    Beginning June 29, UW Transportation Services will begin maintenance projects in the S1 parking garage, which will include new signage, painting, ground markings and the resurfacing of the lower level.

    As we conduct the improvements, we need your partnership to make this project a success. S1 is expected to fill to capacity each day — S1 permit holders may not always be able to park in their regular spots and locating an open space may take more time.

    We’ve developed the following alternative parking options to help avoid delays and frustrations during this temporary inconvenience. If you are an S1 permit holder, please review the options below and choose the option that will give you the predictability you need in your daily commute.

    • Contact Transportation Services about temporary gate access into the Portage Bay Garage which has convenient entrances located on Brooklyn and University Way.
    ◦ Availability is limited and first-come, first-serve, and only for the duration of construction. Contact Transportation Services by July 8 to arrange your access to the garage.
    • Use your S1 permit to park at the UW Tower in W46, no out-of-area permit is necessary. From there, take the Health Sciences Express shuttle to the medical center. Shuttles depart every 15 minutes.
    • Motorcycle parking on the lower level of S1 will be temporarily relocated to the middle level in an area identified with signs. Motorcycle parking will return to the lower level once repaving is complete.
    • Consider another commute option, see below for more details about ridesharing, bicycling and transit. Because we anticipate the S1 parking garage will fill to capacity each day, we’d like to remind you that S1’s designated overflow lot is the E12 parking lot and no out-of-area permit is necessary.

    On-site staff will be available at the S1 garage to assist with questions and directions as needed.

    Thank you for your patience and partnership during this short-term inconvenience while we improve the garage for all who use S1. We understand there is never a good time to close portions of a parking facility. In the planning, we determined completing this major renovation over the summer will prove less intrusive than many mini-projects during other times of the year.

    Other commute options

    While you may choose another parking option during the improvement project, this might be a good time to try other commute options:

    • Our staff can assist you with setting up a carpool or joining a vanpool
    • Bike racks, rooms, houses and lockers in the area could be your bicycle’s new home-away-from-home
    • Walking is a great way to relieve stress and enjoy the nice summer weather
    • 60 transit routes serve the University District, and U-PASS will get you unlimited rides on all of them, along with other benefits.

    If you don’t mind temporarily parking farther away, you could save $40 each month with a value permit in E18 during construction.

    UCARS are available in the S1 garage on the middle level for work-related trips. If you do have appointments off-site which require using your own vehicle, consider planning those trips for later in the day so you can head home after the meeting.

    Bicyclists: S1 Improvement Project begins June 29, 2013

    June 28, 2013

    Beginning June 29, UW Transportation Services will begin maintenance projects in the S1 parking garage, which will include new signage, painting, ground markings, resurfacing the lower level and a new bike house.

    As we conduct the improvements, we need your partnership to make this project a success. During the project, you will not be able to park your bicycle in the S1 bike house and your bike needs to be removed from the bike house by July 8. Any bicycles left in the bike house will be held by UWPD.

    We have developed the following alternative parking options to help you avoid delays and frustrations.

    • You will receive a $10 discount off of your $40 yearly lease for the inconvenience.
    • During this closure we’ve made a number of bicycle locker spaces available in the immediate area. We have a limited amount of spaces, so contact us today about getting a bicycle locker. Lockers will be free, however we will still need to hold a refundable key deposit while you are using the locker ($85). For more details, contact Transportation Services.
    • Covered bicycle racks are available in a number of locations in the area. Check out our campus bike rack map to find the rack closest to you.

    There is never a good time to close a popular bike house, but our goal is to improve secure bicycle parking across campus. With that, we’d love to ask for your feedback on what you’d like to see in a new bike house. Your input and the input of other users will help us design improvements into the renovated facility. Please take the following survey so we can better accommodate your needs in the future!