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Ride in the Rain 2013!

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Register today for the 2013 Ride in the Rain challenge HERE.

What is Ride in the Rain?

Welcome to the biggest and best Ride in the Rain ever! For the first time in its more than ten year history, Ride in the Rain has expanded beyond the University of Washington. This year, in addition to individual and team awards, the UW will take on the formidable bicycle commuters at Seattle Children’s to see which institution can log the most trips. Let the competition begin!

Starting November 1 and concluding on November 30, challenge yourself to commute by bike as often as you can. Your efforts will be rewarded with good exercise, fresh air, and the promise of a hearty lunch and the chance to win prizes. It’s easier to get started when you join a group, so start putting your team together today! You don’t have to work or even commute together, but you must all be employees or currently enrolled students at the UW or employed at Seattle Children’s. A minimum of 4 and up to 10 people make a team. Chances are if you are doing recruiting you are probably the perfect Team Captain. So roll with it. Get things started by creating your UW or Seattle Children’s team (sorry, no mixing and matching – if you work both places, you’ll have to choose which organization you’re competing for). BTW team captains – you receive your very own FREE Ride in the Rain T-shirt. Now that’s worth stepping up to the challenge of captaining a team!

Whether you are signing up with a team or entering individually, Ride in the Rain will support and reward you for making the healthy, sustainable choice of biking this winter. Sign up, log your trips, and you can win prizes like winter bicycle gear, bike lights, and much more. If you log 20 one way trips by the end of the month, you will be invited to a December award luncheon. Teams and individuals who make the most trips, log the most miles and recruit the most new all-weather cyclists will win special prize packages.

Experienced cyclists know that weather conditions throughout the year can pose unique challenges. Ride in the Rain connects bicyclists with the resources, information and training they need to ride safely throughout the year, rain or shine.