The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Student Quarterly Renewals

This page is intended for students with current parking permits interested in getting permits for the next academic quarter.

Student Permit Expiration

All permits are valid through the end of the printed expiration date on the front of the permit. Night permits for specific weeknights are valid only on printed days of the week. Student parking permits generally end on the last day of finals week.

Student Permit Renewal Options

The option to renew your permit typically starts the Monday before finals week, and ends when your permit expires. After the expiration of your permit, lot assignments are issued on a first-come first-serve basis subject to availability. To renew your permit, simply come to the Transportation Services office with your Husky Card.

Student Permit Change Options

Changes to your lot assignment can only be made in person at the Transportation Services office. New lot assignments are subject to current availability.

Night permit holders who wish to change the valid weekdays on their permit must do so in person at the Transportation Services office. Since lot availability varies by night of the week, these changes are also subject to current availability.