The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Retiree Parking

Retiree Parking at UW Seattle Campus

Complimentary Seattle campus parking is available to fully retired UW retirees, their spouses or same-sex domestic partners (one permit per couple). Restrictions on parking location apply. See below.

This privilege is not transferable to others, including other relatives. Surviving spouses or same-sex domestic partners retain parking privileges, but need to obtain a new photo ID Husky card.

Re-employed Retirees

Retirees re-employed by the UW pay for parking on a prorated basis if re-employed 40% or less, and at regular rates if re-employed over 40%, according to HEPPS classification. Please call Commuter Services at (206) 221-3701 for more information.

How to Get a Daily Parking Permit:

Obtain a daily parking permit by presenting your UW Retiree ID card to a Parking Specialist at a gatehouse each time you park on campus. The Retiree Card alone is not a parking permit.

Where to Park:

The Parking Specialist assigns a parking area. A gatehouse-issued permit allows parking based on space availability in most areas, EXCEPT:

  • Disability/wheelchair spaces or lots, including Lot N22 (HUB), unless disability parking is requested at the gate house*
  • Reserved parking spaces or areas as posted
  • Restricted “All Times on All Days” spaces/areas
  • Spaces marked University Vehicles Only (includes Physical Plant vehicles, service vehicles, trucks)
  • Triangle & Surgery Pavilion Garages
  • Lots C14, C17 and N03
  • Parking meters or permit issuance machine areas (payment required)

Disability Permits

Wheelchair (WC) and Disability (D) Permit holders may park in disability spots matching their permit. Show non-UW disability permits with UW ID card at the gatehouse on arrival. Permanently and temporarily disabled retirees may request disability parking near their destination.

South Campus

Parking in the South Campus Garage (S1) is on a space-available basis. Not available to retirees on football game days except by a special disability permit issued in advance. For disability parking at games, call (206) 616-8710.

Special Events, Football Game Days

Complimentary parking for retirees on football game days and during other special events is available at the Central Parking Garage (enter at 15th Ave NE and NE 41st St.). Please present the UW Retiree card at the gatehouse. You may be redirected to a different designated area based on space availability if the garage fills.