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Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) Permit

Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) Permit

The Single Occupancy Vehicle (SOV) permit is designed for those who drive alone regularly three or more days per week. Purchase a quarterly or annual SOV permit at the Commuter Services Office, then display your permit from your rearview mirror whenever you park. Directions to our office can be found at this website.

Who can purchase it?

Faculty, Staff and Students

When can I park?

All day, every day

Where can I use it?

Faculty, Staff and Students

Lots are assigned at the time of purchase.

How much does it cost?

Faculty and Staff SOV permits cost $423.00 per quarter. Please visit the Commuter Services office with the current vehicle registration to purchase the permit. Permits are payable by VISA, Mastercard, check, cash, or Husky Card account. Faculty and staff who buy Annual permits may choose payroll deduction as their payment type.

Student SOV Permits cost slightly less because they are calculated for shorter durations from the first day of classes to the last day of finals of each academic quarter. Universal U-PASS members purchasing a student SOV permit will receive a discount equivalent to the amount of the Universal U-PASS fee. Contact Commuter Services for more information. Students purchasing permits must present the current vehicle registration at the time of purchase.

What else should I know?

Student SOV valid for academic quarter: Student quarterly SOV permits are valid for parking on campus from the first day of classes through the last day of finals for the permitted quarter. Student parking between quarters is available at an additional prorated cost.

Vehicle Registration Required: All customers must have a vehicle registered on their account in order to purchase a parking product. To add a vehicle to your account, you must provide a copy of your vehicle registration or other documentation to validate the license plate, make, year, and model of the vehicle. In lieu of the vehicle registration, a photo of the license plate will be accepted.


  • Faculty and staff: You may return your permit to Commuter Services at any time for a refund of future days paid. If you elected payroll deductions as your payment type and wish to stop deductions, you MUST return the permit to Commuter Services and sign a stop-deduction form. The registered permit holder remains responsible for payment of the permit fee until the permit is physically returned to Commuter Services or expires. If you chose to receive a complimentary U-PASS with your permit, it will be canceled at the same time; however, you may purchase a U-PASS separately.
  • Students: You may return your permit to Commuter Services at any time for a refund of future days paid. Please note that your refund will be prorated and reflect the discounted amount.
  • Your refund will be processed in the manner the initial payment was received. If you paid by credit card, you must bring the same card to receive your refund. If you paid by check or in cash, please note that refund amounts in excess of $100 will take 4-6 weeks to process. Husky Card account purchases will be refunded same-day onto your Husky Card.


  • Faculty and staff will be issued a complimentary U-PASS by Commuter Services, upon request.

With an SOV permit:

  • Proper display: Hang on rearview mirror or display on the driver’s side dash fully visible from the exterior of the vehicle, with the area designator facing the windshield.
  • If your lot is full, you can park in your automatic overflow lot without gatehouse reassignment. If your lot does not have an overflow lot, please go to a campus gatehouse for assistance.
  • After 4:00 pm, you can park in unrestricted areas without gatehouse reassignment. Please check signage carefully for areas/spaces restricted to specific types of permits.
  • Out-of-area parking may be requested by stopping at a campus gatehouse, on the rare occasion when a meeting or class requires parking too far from your assigned lot. Availability is limited.
  • While using the IMA, members may: May park in E18 located north of the building on Wahkiakum See map, park “Out of Area” in E8 before 7:30am and after 4:00pm, or park in any unrestricted area including E18 without gatehouse reassignment. (Exception: Permit holders assigned to E10, E12, C12 through C15, C21, and N24 are not eligible to park in E8.)
  • Out-of-area parking in E1 is available to you between the hours of 5am-3am every day. Simply pull up to any entrance to the E1/Montlake parking lot and slide your Husky Card in the reader. The reader will recognize you as a permit holder and allow you into the parking lot free of charge.
  • ”Hold That Lot”: Faculty/staff SOV permit holders who give up their permit may request Commuter Services to hold their lot for 6 months while trying out an alternative commute method.