The University of Washington: Facilities Services


Parking Forms

Note that products have variable eligibility requirements. Please read the full description of product you are ordering to to see if it is available to you.

Departmental Special Events and Arranged Parking Request Form

Please fill out the Special Events & Arranged Parking Form so we can start processing your request. For any questions please call (206) 616-8710.

Temporary/Hourly Parking and UW TEMP PASS (formerly called FlexPass) Eligibility

Temporary/hourly employees working at least three days per week are eligible to purchase a UW TEMP Pass (formerly called FlexPass), parking permit or Individual Commuter Tickets on a quarterly basis paid by cash, check, Visa or MasterCard. Employee must have a UW ID number. Please call 206.221.3701 if uncertain about the active status of the employee. Supervisors must follow the directions below if the employee is listed as inactive.

Note: Student Assistants are not eligible to purchase Individual Commuter Tickets.

TO BE SUBMITTED BY SUPERVISORS ONLY: Please email us at with your employee’s information to allow them to purchase a TEMP Pass or permit. Please provide the Employee’s name, UW ID number, and dates of employment. Please advise your employee to log on to Employee Self Service to update their contact information so Commuter Services can inform them of any product changes or emergencies. If your employee is purchasing a parking permit for the first time, please advise them they MUST present their driver’s license and vehicle registration upon purchase. The registration is not needed for future purchases.

Departmental Parking & Transportation Products

To purchase departmental parking & commuter products for your employees and guests complete this form. Available products include: Validation Coupons, Departmental Commuter Tickets, Short Term Permits, etc.

To order, fill out the online order form.

Departmental Out-of-Area Permit Order Form

To purchase a Departmental Out-of-Area Permit complete this form.

Online order form

Contractor & Construction Parking

To help us with our commitments, and to reduce disruptions to University operations, we have established guidelines with respect to contractor and construction parking.

Online construction permit request form

Employee Disability Accommodation Forms

To request a disability accommodation, two forms are required. The first is a Health Care Provider Statement form which requires information and a signature by the employee. This form is then given to the appropriate health care provider for completion.

The second form required is the Accommodation Request For Disability or Serious Medical Condition form on which he/she indicates what disability accommodation is being requested. For Faculty - Contact the Disability Services Office to request the Accommodation Request For Disability or Serious Medical Condition form for faculty

For Staff and Student Employees - download and print the Accommodation Request For Disability or Serious Medical Condition form. You may also request this form from the Disability Services Office.

  1. Health Care Provider Statement (form UoW 1207) This form is for requesting parking and Dial-A-Ride accommodations only. Go to the Disabilities Services Office site to access complete HCP forms for other services
  2. Accommodation Request For Disability or Serious Medical Condition (form UoW 1206)

Service Permit Approval Form

Complete this form and bring to Commuter Services sales lobby.