The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Faculty, staff, and student permits

Parking permits

Commuter Services offers a wide range of parking products and services designed specifically for faculty, staff, students, visitors and departments.

Parking permits for faculty, staff, and students

The following parking permits are available for University of Washington faculty, staff, and students:

Student Parking

Students purchasing permits for the first time can only do so in person at the Transportation Services Office. Please click here for a schedule of when new permit sales start for the academic upcoming quarter.

Students can purchase daytime or evening parking permits and motorcycle permits. Parking lot availability changes based on occupancy levels and whether or not the permit is for evening parking (after 4pm) or daytime parking (before 4pm). Students must present a copy of the vehicle registration or photo of the license plate at the time of purchase.

Faculty and Staff Only

permit product chart

How To Buy

All permit purchases must be made in person at the Transportation Services office (3745 15th Ave NE). You can find directions and a map to our office here. Free 15 minute parking is available to Transportation Services visitors in our W27 Garage, which is the first right hand turn as you head downhill on 15th Ave NE after crossing NE Pacific Street.

All customers must have a vehicle registered on their account in order to purchase a parking product. To add a vehicle to your account, you must provide a copy of your vehicle registration or other documentation to validate the license plate, make, year, and model of the vehicle.

Overflow Lots

If your assigned lot is full and you have a quarterly or annual SOV or carpool permit or use Individual Commuter Tickets (ICTs), you can automatically park in your overflow lot without visiting a gatehouse for reassignment. If your assigned lot does not have an overflow lot listed, please go to a campus gatehouse to be reassigned to a different lot for the day or you may park in E18. You can find your overflow lot on the campus map here.

Central Campus Lots

Assigned Lot Overflow Lot
C1 C2, C3, C4, C5
C2 C3, C4, C5
C3 C4, C5
C4 C5
C5 gatehouse
C6 C1
C7 gatehouse
C8 gatehouse
C10 E12, C2, C3, C4, C5
C12 N24, E12
C14 N24
C15 N18, E12
C17 N18, E12
C19 N18

East Campus Lots

Assigned Lot Overflow Lot
E1 none
E2 none
E3 none
E4 none
E5 none
E6 E08, E18
E8 E18
E9 E08, E18
E12 E08, E18

West Campus Lots

Assigned Lot Overflow Lot
W6 W12
W10 gatehouse
W11 W10
W12 W33
W13 W12
W14 W12
W20 W21, W22, W23
W21 W22, W23, W20
W22 W23, W20, W21
W24 W28
PBG gatehouse
W28 W33
W29 W33
W32 W33, W29
W33 W32, W29
W34 W35
W35 W10
W40 W10
W41 gatehouse
W42 gatehouse
W46 W45
W39 W33

North Campus Lots

Assigned Lot Overflow Lots
N1 gatehouse
N2 N1
N5 N1
N7 N18
N8 N12
N9 N10, N11, N12
N10 N11, N12
N11 N12
N12 N18, N25
N13 N12, N14, N15
N14 N12, N15
N15 N12
N16 N18, N20, N21
N18 N20, N21, N25
N20 N21, N25
N21 N25
N22 C17, N6, N16
N24 N21, N25
N25 E2
N28 gatehouse

South Campus Lots

Assigned Lot Overflow Lots
S01 E08, E18
S05 E08, E18
S06 E08, E18
S08 E08, E18
S07 E08, E18
S09 E08, E18
S12 E08, E18

*Portage Bay Garage(PBG) is pay-per-use parking (PPUP) that does not use a hang tag permit. At all times, PPUP users must obtain an out-of-area permit from any campus gatehouse to park in a different lot (excluding E01). Neglecting to do so may result in receiving a parking citation. Cycles are not allowed in the Portage Bay Garage. If attempting to park a cycle as a PPUP member, please visit a campus gatehouse to obtain an alternate vehicle permit to park out of area.