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Out of Area Permit

Out of Area Permit

The Out of Area permit provides complimentary parking to UW employee parking permit holders in an area outside of their regularly assigned lot or overflow lot for work-related meetings, classes and duties that require proximity parking. Parking Specialists will request to see an appropriately marked commuter ticket or valid employee permit prior to issuance. Student parking permits are not eligible for Out of Area permit issuance prior to 4PM. Note: Daytime quarterly, annual, short term or commuter ticket permit holders may also park in unrestricted lots after 4 PM. Be sure to check the signage upon entry.

Privileges include:

  • Parking for a specific lot and/or space assigned from a campus gatehouse
  • Loading/unloading in marked load zones for the posted time limit
  • Commercial license plates are required for “Truck Load Only” spaces
  • In/Out rights to the assigned area / space without having to purchase another permit

Limitations include:

  • Non-transferable to any other parking lot/space or person
  • Expire at 7:30 AM the following morning
  • May be time limited at the gate for use in parking lots or load zones Out of Area Permit