The University of Washington: Facilities Services

Service & Commercial Delivery Permit

Commercial Delivery Permit

The Commercial Delivery permit provides thirty (30) minutes of complimentary parking to individuals delivering goods to campus in unmarked commercial delivery vehicles. The driver must present a UW purchase order, invoice or bill of lading at the gate house. Stays in excess of 30 minutes require the payment of the applicable parking fee. (See Service Permits below)

Privileges include: * Parking for a specific lot(s) and/or space assigned from a campus gatehouse * Loading/unloading in marked load zones for the posted time limit * Commercial license plates are required for “Truck Load Only” spaces

Limitations include: * No stopping, standing or obstructing traffic or pedestrian movement on any street, plaza or sidewalk

Service Permit

The Service Permit provides non-affiliated UW contractors the ability to pre-purchase daily permits to be used for service or maintenance visits to campus according to contracted need. These permits are sold at the standard daily parking rate in amounts according to your UW contract. Please note: these permits do not allow parking in designated Load Zones for any amount longer than the time designated.

Complete the Service Permit Approval form and bring to Commuter Services sales lobby.