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Student Health Advisory Quorum (SHAQ)

Student Health Advisory Quorum (SHAQ)

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Wellness Resource Center
Hall Health Center

Visit SHAQ’s webpage for more information, including a full listing of bike safety products available.

Need some low cost, high quality bike gear? A student organization affiliated with the Wellness Resource Center sells helmets, light sets, mirrors, bells, U-Locks and other safety equipment for biking, ski/snowboarding and walking at very reasonable prices.

Protect your most valuable asset on the slopes and on the street by getting a bike or ski/snowboarding helmet. Walkers can also pick up a pedometer for a steal! For more information or to set up an appointment to purchase products, contact a SHAQ volunteer at

U-PASS holders receive a discount on most products.

Sample prices for U-PASS holders:
Bike helmets—$12
Bike light sets—$20
Bike locks—$20
Bike mirrors—$12
Bike bells—$8
Safety triangles for $8 or 2 for $15
Ski Helmet—$35

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