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West Campus Residence Halls

West Campus Residence Halls

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Construction is beginning on the new West Campus Residence Halls. As the projects progress, lots W4, W41, W2, W3 and W6 will be closed. The approximate dates for lot closures are as follows:
W4- February 15, 2010
W41- February 22, 2010
W2- March 1, 2010
W3- Date to be announced
W6- [Fall 2010 DATE to be announced]

All W4, W41, W2, W3, and W6 permits became invalid on February 15, 2010. Permit holders have been issued permits for alternate locations that list closing lots as a secondary parking locations. Permit holders displaying such permits may continue to park in lots scheduled for closure until the lot is officially closed.


On November 19, 2009, utility preparation work will begin for upcoming west campus residence hall construction projects in west campus. Over the next few months, crews will be digging in and near lots W2, W3, W4 and W6 which may impact your ability to find parking in those lots. Overflow parking is available in lots W41, W3, and the Terry Lander garage.

Please see the attached diagram