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Carpool or Vanpool to Campus

Share the Ride: Carpool and Vanpool

Carpooling and vanpooling are great ways to commute to Campus. Ride together and you can save money on gas and parking. You’ll also get access to high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes and on-ramps for a faster commute. And don’t forget that you can always mix up your commute as needed: bus, bike, walk or drive alone on the days you can’t share the ride.

In order to continue receiving the monthly U-PASS vanpool subsidy, you need to confirm that you are still riding in a vanpool and you must also renew your U-PASS. All U-PASSes and U-PASS vanpool subsidies expire on June 30 and you must renew on or before June 30 to avoid interruptions to your vanpool subsidy and U-PASS service.

Calculate your commute

Use this interactive web-based application to explore how your commute choices affect the cost, CO2 output and calories burned by your commute. Created by UW students, funded by the Campus Sustainability Fund, and supported by UW Transportation Services and the Environmental Stewardship & Sustainability (ESS) office, the site gives commuters a new tool for making commuting choices. Try it


Carpooling is a flexible, cost-saving commute option for UW employees and student U-PASS holders. You can carpool all the time or just on occasion as a supplement to the way you regularly commute.

Carpool Permits: See the Quarterly & Annual Carpool Permit page for information on this option.

Daily Carpooling: See the Impromptu Carpooling page for information on this option.


Vanpools are groups of 5 to 15 people who live at least 3 miles away from the UW Seattle campus and share their commute in a van owned, maintained and insured by a transit agency.

Start or Join a Vanpool: See the Vanpool page for information on this option.

Need help connecting with a rideshare partner?

UW has partnered with Zimride to provide a convenient way to match up with other UW students, faculty and staff looking to share the ride.
You can also connect with rideshare partners through RideshareOnline which is managed by Washington State Department of Transportation and is currently available throughout Washington and Idaho.

Campus Visitors Can Share the Ride Too

Consider sharing a ride to the next football or basketball game or Meany Hall concert. It’s easy to connect with people going your way through RideshareOnline and UW Zimride.

Preferential Loading Registration for Carpools and Vanpools on Washington State Ferries

The Washington State Ferry system issues High-Occupancy-Vehicle (HOV) permits for preferential loading onto the ferries to carpools and vanpools. You can register your carpool or vanpool by filling out the online Registration Formand submitting payment by credit card to the Washington State Ferry system. For all the rules and regulations of the Washington State Ferries Rideshare program, see Rideshare Program Brochure.

Print a Riders Wanted Sign

Need to find a new carpool or vanpool partner? Print out a Riders Wanted sign, fill in your carpool or vanpool’s origin, destination and contact information then display the sign anywhere you want to advertise for rideshare partners. In your break room, locker room, a window in your vehicle or where ever you think possible rideshare partners would be. It’s an easy way to advertise that you’re looking for new carpool or vanpool participants.

Carpool Riders Wanted sign
Vanpool Riders Wanted sign