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Parking Your Bike

Parking your Bicycle

The University of Washington is home to more than 5,500 bicycle parking spaces distributed throughout campus. Bicycle parking can be found near every UW building and facility, and options include uncovered and covered racks, bicycle rooms in buildings, secure bike houses, and bicycle lockers.

Bike Racks

Bike racks provide more than 5,000 parking spaces throughout campus. If racks at your destination are consistently full or you would like to suggest a new bicycle parking location, please contact Commuter Services by phone (206) 616-7493 or email to request additional racks. Bikes secured to railings or trees will be impounded; railings need to be kept clear to provide universal access for all users, and trees can be damaged when used to secure a bicycle.

Find your closest bike rack using our Campus Bike Rack Map.

Bike Rooms

Several UW buildings have secure bicycle rooms for use by building occupants, and most residence halls provide bicycle storage in designated bicycle rooms. Access to bike rooms in non-residential buildings should be coordinated through that building’s Building Coordinator, and access to residence hall bike rooms should be coordinated through Housing and Food Services or with the hall’s front desk.

Find out if there’s a bike room in your building using our Bike Room Map.

Bike Lockers

Bike lockers provide an added level of security and weather protection for your bicycle and accessories. More than 600 lockers are available for rent to UW students, staff, and faculty who live off-campus and regularly commute by bike to campus.

Find out if there’s a bike locker or secure bike house near you using our Bike Locker and Secure Bike House Map.

We have lockers available now in some locations. To request a locker assignment, please take the following steps:

  • Take a look at our Bike Locker and Secure Bike House map. Prospective bike locker tenants should be aware that some lockers are “stacked,” one on top of the other.
  • Note down your top-choice location(s)
  • Have your top-choice locations, student or employee ID number and payment information handy/at the ready
  • Take a look at the Bike Locker Terms & Conditions
  • Contact Commuter Services directly by phone (206) 221-3701 or email. Commuter Services will either advise you to come in to lease the locker if space is available, or place you on a waiting list for a locker at your preferred location(s). Please be sure to discuss any potential barriers a stacked locker might pose to your regular use when you contact Commuter Services.

Secure Bike Houses

Bike houses provide an added level of security and weather protection for your bicycle. Transportation Services manages five bike houses that have spaces available for rent to all students, staff and faculty.

Find out if there’s a bike locker or secure bike house near you using our Bike Locker and Secure Bike House Map.

We have space in bike houses available now in some locations. To request a space in a bike house, please take the following steps:


Description Fee
Locker Key Deposit $85.00
Locker Rental $140.00 per year
Bike House Rental $40.00 per year

Beginning this year, bike locker and bike house members can now take advantage of the U-PASS merchant discount program. Your U-PASS merchant discount card will be delivered through campus mail. When your new blue card arrives, separate the card from the carrier, sign it and tuck it into your wallet. Then, show it when you’re making a purchase at any U-PASS merchant discount partner business to take advantage of the special offers and discounts they extend to U-PASS members. A full list of merchant partners and details about their offers is available at

Showers and Clothes Lockers

Need a place to shower or change after an invigorating walk or bike ride to campus? Faculty and staff with IMA memberships and all students can use the shower facilities at the IMA and at Pavilion Pool. Call 206.543.4590 for details.

A few other buildings on campus also have shower and clothes locker facilities. Contact your building coordinator about the availability of facilities in your building.