Parking Enforcement

Transportation Services (TS)

Current processes do not align with Commuter Services’ vision to deliver exceptional customer service. Some citation appeals are granted dismissal because of factors within the control of Commuter Service, indicating service problem from customer perspective. Lack of consistent guidelines governing how field-conditions that affect citation writing are reviewed, approved and communicated. For customer value and efficiency, prevent the issuance of unnecessary/erroneous citations that will eventually be dismissed.

  • Reduce preventable citation dismissals by 75%
  • Reduce employee and supervisor NVA time by 50%
  • Standardize communication, permit types, parking violations
  • Document 100% of contracts and agreements
Launch Date: 
January 2012
Mariann Woodland
Leader Email:
Josh Kavanagh

Mariann Woodland (TS)
Elizabeth Berridge (TS)
Steve Burke (TS)
Russell Cheek (TS)
Brent Curtis(TS)
Casey Feltstrom (TS)
Chris Foth (TS)
Cameron Schlegel (TS)
Steve Uhrich (TS)
Nancy Wen (TS)
Titus Wise (TS)
Marsha Donaldson (UW Advancement)
Ralph Robinson (UWPD)
Rachel Spencer (UW Student)

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  • Within its first 90 days, the Commuter Services Parking Enforcement Lean team has worked in conjunction with Parking Operations staff on a new scheduling and staffing plan, reducing non-value added time (travel time, wait time, etc.) by 68%, making approximately 2 FTE of staff time available for customer needs, and reducing parking citations dismissed due to officer error by 58%