CPO/FS Transition from Construction to Operation

Facilities Services Lean Teams

CPO/FS Transition from Construction to Operation

Campus Engineering & Operations (CEO)


There is a lack of clarity during the transition process of UW capital projects from construction to operations and maintenance, between the roles, responsibilities, and goals of the Capital Projects Office (CPO) and Facilities Services, which can adversely impact the occupants or customers, and increase the life cycle cost of buildings.


  • 100% of info/documentation needed for Substantial Completion is in place, usable, & complete by planned milestones
  • Reduce maintenance staff & hours on non-Preventative Maintenance tasks after Substantial Completion Date by 50%
  • Be 100% able to operate buildings on Substantial Completion Date
  • No unresolved construction issues by Final Completion

Team Launched:

November 2012



Tom Pittsford (CEO)
Dave King (CEO)
Reddy Podduturi (CEO)
Brett Magnuson (CEO)
Ali Ferdos (CEO)
Tony Fragada (CEO)
Dave Fields (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Steve Babinec (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Jeff Angeley (Capital Projects Office)
Aaron Cheuvront (Capital Projects Office)
Will Smith (Capital Projects Office)
Everett Spring (Capital Projects Office)
Phil Smart (Capital Projects Office)
Steve Tatge (Capital Projects Office)
Mark Murray (Environmental Health & Safety)
Lyle Zimmerman (UW Technology)
Bob Ennes (Health Sciences Administration)
Michael Glidden (College of Engineering)
Robert Goff (Dept. of Biology)
JR Fulton (Housing & Food Services)