Arranged Parking

Transportation Services (TS)

The arranged parking system and request process used for campus departments who are arranging parking for guests can be unclear and difficult to understand; due to the number of products and rules we have. Arranged parking should be simpler for Special Events to administer, requesting departments to order, and visiting guests to park. External factors such as high volume visitor days and the effectiveness of customers in communication with their guests can also adversely impact successful final delivery of a parking arrangement.

  • Information gathered during the first customer contact leads to proper parking arrangement — 90% or more of the time
  • Successful fulfillment rate for arranged parking requests —100%
  • Parking arrangement delivered meets the customer’s expectations. (i.e. Was the process to park simple and easy to do? Would they come back again?) — 97%
Launch Date: 
May 2012
Brian Ho
Leader Email:
Josh Kavanagh

Brian Ho (TS)
Mary Mahon (TS)
Patrick Johnson (TS)
Russell Cheek (TS)
Blake Kiltoff (TS)
Ruth Pattison (TS)
Ari Kasapyan (TS)
Kay Gowan (UWMC)

Team Photo: 
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  • Implemented 24 process improvements in first 90 days
  • Due to website improvements, frequency of web requests has increased from 13% to 35% of total requests; requests via web ensure complete information on first transaction, reducing steps and process time for staff and customers