Materials Management

Facilities Services Lean Teams

Materials Management

Finance & Business Services (FABS)


The competing values of convenience versus necessary inventory controls have resulted in suboptimal materials management processes.


  • Reduce the number of steps and otherwise simplify process required to order & procure materials and supplies
  • Identify appropriate inventory levels, locations, and procurement streams

Team Launched:

February 2011


Anne Eskridge (FABS)
Rick Benefiel (Campus Engineering & Operations)
Dustin Brewer (FABS)
Dennis Garberg (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Gail Gokey (Facilities Maintenance & Constructions)
Suzi Henriot (FABS)
John Houlihan (FABS)
Mark Leider (FABS)
Ed McKinley (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Dana Miller (FABS)
Steve Morton (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Jeff Seidel (Campus Engineering & Operations)
Markus Servey (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Ray Uhl (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Emily Young (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Tony Miller (Purchasing)


  • Developed, piloted and now in mid-implementation of efficient, compliant new logistical system for materials used by Maintenance, Operations, and Alterations shops
  • In shops that have implemented the system “materials delivered by the date needed” improved from 46% to 90%
  • By decreasing logistic costs and streamlining workflow for purchase of materials, reduced procurement surcharge to customer for rechargeable maintenance and operations work by 4%