Grounds Major Equipment Replacement Planning

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)

Much of the mobile heavy equipment managed by Grounds Management and essential to the operation and maintenance of the campus facilities has exceeded or is now quickly approaching expected productive life span. The current situation creates the potential for unpredictable and unbudgeted major expenditures, excessive maintenance costs, and operational inefficiencies.

  • Establish an identified strategic process for planning and funding major equipment replacements
  • Grounds Management will be able to replace 80% of identified equipment within a designated schedule that has been strategically determined
  • Reduce annual expenditures related to equipment maintenance and repairs by 50%
Launch Date: 
May 2012
Howard Nakase
Leader Email:
Rick Cheney

Howard Nakase (FMC)
Ken Rogers (FMC)
Clarence Geyen (FMC)
Mike Horm (FMC)
Erik Brihagen (FMC)
Dennis Mullen (FMC)
Brian Davis (FMC)
Roxanne Klein (FMC)
Dana Miller (Finance & Business Services)

Team Photo: 
  • Identified all major equipment; established a model for determining each item’s reserve value for replacement planning purposes
  • Currently, piloting a program to test effectiveness of using AiM work orders to track heavy equipment repairs