Lock Shop Key Cutting & Delivery

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Lock Shop Key Cutting & Delivery

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)


The key cutting charge is below the current cost of labor plus materials. Delivery of cut keys is inconsistent and the order process is paper/labor intensive. Approval to cut and issue key is cumbersome due to paper documents and research needed for authorization confirmation. “Promised by” dates are not being met, and from the customer’s perspective delivery times are not predictable.


  • Charges for cutting keys recover 100% of actual costs
  • Reduce process time to cut keys and deliver to customers by 50%
  • Request and approval system is incorporated into AiM work order process
  • Make the request process more user-friendly: Info needed by customer available on Lock Shop Web site
  • Delivery method options are clearly specified and are designed based on customer needs

Team Launched:

March 2012


Mickey Kelsey (FMC)
Eric Apoe (FMC)
Robert Dowell (FMC)
Ken McMaster (FMC)
Tony Moreno (FMC)
Steve Morton (FMC)
William Kaplan (Psychology)
Paul Zuchowski (HUB)


  • Developed an updated rate schedule
  • Web site improvements underway