Fleet Accident Management

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Fleet Accident Management

Transportation Services (TS)


Customers find the accident reporting process time consuming. The current system does not capture information about repeat offenders, produces a high volume of paperwork for minor problems, and does not ensure reporting of damage to vehicles.


  • Eliminate unnecessary reports
  • Reduce repeat offenders by 50%
  • Streamline the process, reducing number of steps in the reporting process by 30%
  • Reduce reporting process paperwork by 50%
  • Identify internal reporting standard operating procedures, re-evaluate damage thresholds

Team Launched:

May 2012



Ron Kahler (TS)
Louis Ekler (TS)
Dan Alter (TS)
Carina Williams (TS)
Clarence Geyen (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Felicia Carnes (UW Risk)
Irene Hrab (UW Central Human Resources)
Gary Bangs (EH&S)
Randy West (UWPD)
William Beauchere (Housing & Food Services)


  • Two accident reports streamlined into one consolidated, standardized report; anticipated to result in a 40% reduction in paperwork
  • Developed reporting framework and tools to identify and retrain repeat offenders; a component of this is development of a UW-wide accident review committee
  • Developed and implemented improved driver training practices, including completion of behind-the-wheel training of 170 University affiliates for driving full-size University passenger vans