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FS Payroll

Facilities Employee Services (FES)


The existing process is complicated and time-consuming. FS payroll staff has too little time to process and verify payroll data; when errors occur, lengthy overpayment procedures are needed to collect money from employees.


  • Increase timeliness, accuracy and completeness of timecard information to payroll coordinators by the day after cut off to 100%

Team Launched:

November 2011



Mary Jo Blahna (FES)
Katie Savoie (FES)
Donna Schmidt (FES)
Val Sunga (FES)
Lohoa Do (FES)
Clarence Geyen (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Gail Gokey (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Jerry Hestbeck (Finance & Business Services)
Dana Miller (Finance & Business Services)
Barry Frost (Campus Engineering & Operations)
Crystal Ryan (Building Services)
Ida Boeckstiegel (Transportation Services)
Megan Dennis (UW Central Payroll)


  • Streamlined new employee payroll onboarding process, reducing process time to one day (from 1-7 days) and increasing consistency