Work Order Billing

Finance & Business Services (FABS)

Excessive staff time is spent on corrections, adjustments and manual data entry. During the billing cycle, Business Office staff receive numerous requests from various parties to perform tasks such as manual data entry of non-labor costs, budget changes, cost transfer from one work order to another, submitting billing rejects, and encumbrance liquidation. Approximately 7,200 transactions/month are generated and uploaded to the system and manually approved. Billing rejects create delays in billing which is problematic for customers.

  • Reduce time spent on error correction and adjustments by 50%
  • Reduce billing rejects by 90%
  • Reduce number of billing reports that generate transactions outside of AiM
Launch Date: 
February 2012
Lori Natsume
Leader Email:
James Angelosante

Lori Natsume (FABS)
Tyler DuLam (FABS)
Jerry Hestbeck (FABS)
Ken Lindemann (FABS)
Dana Miller (FABS)
Tomoko Morita (FABS)
Cindy Wong (FABS)
Lohoa Do (Organization Resources & Relations)
Gary Collins (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Peggy Holmberg (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Kathy Thomason (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Dennis Fields (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)

Team Photo: 
  • Reduced time spent on rework by over 50%
  • Reduced transactions generated from outside of AiM by over 50%