Surplus Material Processing

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Surplus Material Processing

Finance & Business Services (FABS)


Currently, the Surplus system documentation does not always appropriately reflect material status; mismatches occur between documented status and actual status of the material. As a result, materials are being placed on the sales floor that have not been received in the Wheels database, which creates a negative impact on customers because there is a delay in processing their sale.


  • Actual items match 100%
  • Reduce test item turnaround to 7 business days
  • Reduce non-matches by 75%
  • Daily updates to surplus website

Team Launched:

June 2012


Teresa Seyfried (FABS)
Mike Anderson (FABS)
Jeanel Cassidy (FABS)
Eric Wahl (FABS)
Cedar Smith (FABS)
Michael Bryce (FABS)
Mike Morris (FABS)
John Hubbs (FABS)
Eric Himes (FABS)


  • Significant progress on 5S to improve test area, targeted to significantly reduce test item turnaround time
  • Web site improvements are underway
  • Developing measurement system to improve performance tracking and continuous improvement