AiM Reporting Request Process

Finance & Business Services (FABS)

AiM is the computerized maintenance management system used for work order management, billing and time collection for FS maintenance, alterations and operations. Most of the work management data in FS is contained in AiM; with the increase in metrics activity, Lean and other initiatives throughout FS to improve processes, requests for reports from AiM have increased dramatically. The current, informal process for requesting reports makes it difficult to prioritize work, accommodate new work-loads, and estimate delivery times.

  • Establish and implement a formal process for requesting reports
  • Establish criteria for prioritization, with escalation process
  • Deliver reports by the need/promised by date 85% of the time
Launch Date: 
March 2012
John Billen
Leader Email:
James Angelosante

Dustin Brewer (FABS)
John Houlihan (FABS)
Dana Miller (FABS)
Lori Natsume (FABS)
John Billen (Building Services)
Mary Jo Blahna (Organization Resources & Relations)
Steve Morton (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
John Carroll (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Donna Thompson (Facilities Maintenance & Constructions)
Roxanne Klein (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)

Team Photo: 
  • A formal process was developed, piloted, and adopted
  • Reports are delivered by the need/promised by date 95% of the time