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Building Services (BSD)

Our 620 custodial closets (about one closet on each floor in every UW building) have accumulated discarded items from the building occupants and custodial services. There has been no consistent process for removal and disposal of these items, resulting in clutter and potential safety hazards, and no consistent arrangement, resulting in substitute custodians not being able to locate needed items, unnecessary clutter to sift through, lack of private space for custodians to take breaks in some buildings and the lack of storage space for building occupants.

  • Pilot 5S in a few buildings, determine best practices, lead implementation across the campus
  • Standardize practices and closet organization, leaving room for customization based on building and custodian work needs
  • Roll out implementation for each building
  • Develop program to sustain
Launch Date: 
April 2011
Sattia Sear & Scott Spencer
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Gene Woodard

Sattia Sear (BSD) Scott Spencer (BSD) Billy Bagaoisan (BSD) Victor Cardona (BSD) Kara Clark (BSD) Ben Haywood (BSD) Shelley Houser (BSD) Florence Joaquin (BSD) Joyce Lee (BSD) Laine Noah (BSD) Debbie Penor (BSD) Allegra Reynolds (BSD) Jose Sanchez (BSD) Dehab Seare (BSD) Yirgalem Tesfaldet (BSD) Fred Valdez (BSD) Ed Vazquez (BSD) Suraj Wati (BSD) Kidisti Zeratsion (BSD) Seare Zerom (BSD)

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  • 232 custodians 5S'd 100% of the campus' 620 closets;
    • reorganized storage spaces to improve workflow,
    • reclaimed storage space and repurposed space
  • Standard practices have been established and updated as they are used