Carpet Cleaning

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Carpet Cleaning

Building Services (BSD)


The current scheduling process is labor— and time— intensive for supervisor and office staff. Customers complain that the carpet cleaning cycle is too infrequent and that scheduling is unpredictable. Current record-keeping practices sometimes result in failure to bill for services performed.


  • Reduce time needed to research and plan work
  • Reduce time spent / # of rooms inspected by supervisors by 50%
  • Increase the frequency of deep cleaning by 50%
  • Reduce Complaints by 100%
  • Recover 100% of charges

Team Launched:

June 2012


Shawn Broderick (BSD)
Kara Clark (BSD)
Andre Vasquez (BSD)
Renato Miranda (BSD)
Mike Ewing (BSD)
Bruce Jitodai (BSD)
Yirgalem Tesfaldet (BSD)
Troy Swanson (Campus Engineering & Operations)
Christine Aker (UWMC)


  • Implemented a new schedule resulting in an 80% increase in the number of walk-thrus provided and significantly reducing customer complaints
  • Reconfigured truck, eliminating approximately 1 hour of non-value-added time per shift
  • Obtained card access to buildings, eliminating significant time spent on key retrieval