Commuter Services Accounts Receivable

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Commuter Services Accounts Receivable

Transportation Services (TS)


Transportation Services Accounting Office accounts receivable processes are artifacts of old organizational structures and need improvements in timeliness, transparency, accountability.


  • Establish collections procedures that are timely, consistent, transparent and provide accountability
  • Reduce total value of past due receivables and average age of receivables in each category by 50%

Team Launched:

October 2011



Reed Keeney (TS)
Gwen Green (TS)
Jason Hrdlicka (TS)
Mary Mahon (TS)
Nicole Roberson (TS)
Joles Tahara (TS)
Steve Uhrich (TS)
Eshak Zakhary (TS)
Anna Mirza (UW Central Payroll)
Sandie Rosko (Student Fiscal Services)


  • Implemented a consistent and transparent collections procedure which processes citations within 90 days after they are past due
  • Collected $428,000 of past due citations in the backlog