Capital Projects Document Intake and Processing

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Capital Projects Document Intake and Processing

Campus Engineering & Operations (CEO)


There are redundancies in the current process that waste time and resources.


  • Eliminate process redundancies and intake costs while meeting legal requirements and meeting operational needs related to construction documents

Team Launched:

March 2011


Robbie Avila (CEO)
Kimberly Gonzales (CEO)
Emily Jang (CEO)
Bert Johnson (CEO)
Tom Pittsford (CEO)
Will Smith (CPO)
Sam Tillery (Facilities Maintenance & Construction)
Barbara Benson (Records Management)
Aaron Cheuvront (Capital Projects Office)


  • Numerous process redundancies eliminated
  • Requirement for mylar drawings eliminated, saving a projected $100,000 per year for campus clients and reducing processing time from 4 hrs each project to .5 hr