Corrective Maintenance

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Corrective Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance & Construction (FMC)


The current documented work order response times for Urgent are 55%, High 70% and routine are at 72% compared to the BSC target of 85%.


  • Improve the documented work order response times (priority High, Urgent, Routine) to 90%

Team Launched:

March 2011


John Carroll (FMC)
Dale Baxmann (FMC)
Jackie Harris (FMC)
Roxanne Klein (FMC)
Rich McCaslin (FMC)
Steve Morton (FMC)
Daniel Peltier (FMC)
Jerrett Roberge (FMC)
Joshua Strange (FMC)
Charles Thompson (FMC)
Rosanna Woods (FMC)
Dana Miller (Finance & Business Services)
Mike Norton (Campus Engineering & Operations)
Stan Ross (Campus Engineering & Operations)


  • Response times are now: Urgent-74%, High-89%, and Routine-87%
  • Success rate at “deadlines met” also improved, currently at Urgent- 85%, High- 92%, and Routine- 96% (up from 44, 65 and 83)